Volunteers provide assistance and friendship to isolated and lonely seniors who are no longer able to leave their homes.  
Elder Friends provides volunteer-based companionship and minor assistance to homebound seniors living in San Antonio. Too often, seniors who are no longer able to leave their homes can start to feel isolated and depressed, which may worsen existing health conditions. Elder Friends' volunteers help to alleviate concerns by visiting a homebound senior at least 3 hours per week to provide much needed companionship. Just a simple conversation can make all the difference to an elderly neighbor. Learn more about the program here
Senior Companion Program is a peer-to-peer program where caring senior volunteers befriend homebound seniors in their community. The program is designed to foster independence among seniors by engaging them in community service, providing them companionship opportunities, and offer respite to both professional and family caregivers. Learn more about the program here
If you know you want to apply to be a Senior Companion, please print out the application available here
For more information on either program call 210.599.7405 x 4.