As you have no doubt heard,
The President’s Skinny Budget for FY18 was sent to Congress late last week. It includes deep cuts to non-defense discretionary spending and eliminates some programs on which many local Meal on Wheels organizations rely to deliver nutritious meals, safety checks, and friendly visits to our nation’s most vulnerable seniors.
Details on Meals on Wheels's primary source of funding, the Older Americans Act, which has supported senior nutrition programs for 45 years, have not yet been released.
However, the reality is that 1 in 6 seniors struggles with hunger and 1 in 4 are isolated, living alone. We must recognize the urgent need and commit to addressing these issues together. Our nation can either invest a little in senior nutrition now, or spend much more on the negative consequences later.
To everyone who called or emailed us these past few days, thank you. You more than get it. You know that investing in Meals on Wheels makes sense. It is the correct thing to do economically as it saves taxpayers’ dollars, but is also the right, compassionate and just thing to do as well.
While we are both heartened and humbled by the recognition Meals on Wheels has received nationally, we are saddened that Meals on Wheels has been brought into the political debate. The discussion should be about doing the right thing, both for our nation as a whole as well as our less fortunate seniors.
As always, your continued support is appreciated as we continue to deliver more than a meal to our community's seniors. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me so I can answer any questions or be of assistance. Thank you again. 
Vinsen Faris
Chief Executive Officer