On March 22, 1972, President Richard Nixon signed into law a measure that amended the Older Americans Act of 1965 and established a national nutrition program for seniors 60 years and older. For more than 45 years, these critical programs – commonly referred to as Meals on Wheels – have delivered more than just nutritious meals to homebound seniors in virtually every community across the country. And, the dedicated staff and volunteers who deliver these meals each week provide a vital lifeline and connection to the community, which are sometimes all it takes to keep our senior neighbors at home, where they want to be.

Meals on Wheels programs have come together each March since 2002 to celebrate this proven collaboration of local community organizations, businesses, all levels of government and compassionate individuals to ensure that our seniors are not forgotten.

Wondering how you can participate? 
We love serving seniors in our community and we are lucky to get to have fun at the same time! We want you to have fun too! We’ll have volunteer appreciation events all month long, which means the more you volunteer, the more fun you’ll get to have! Or do any of the following during the month of March to help bring awareness to our mission of nourishing lives, enabling independence, and caring for San Antonio’s Seniors.

31 ways to support Meals on Wheels for 31 days!

  1. Thank a volunteer 

  2. Let us know you're interested in volunteering

  3. Deliver Meals

  4. Deliver AniMeals

  5. Birdies for Charity for Meals on Wheels

  6. Get a Fiesta Medal- Medal Reveal on Monday, March 4! 

  7. Pet Food Drive for AniMeals

  8. Spend time with Grace Place Seniors

  9. Share our Facebook post

  10. Donate to us on Big Give Early- You can give as early as March 25!

  11. Have a fan drive to help seniors beat the heat this summer

  12. Mark your calendar for The Big Give SA – March 28

  13. Set up a fundraising page to support us for the Big Give

  14. Share our Twitter post

  15. Check on a senior neighbor

  16. Refer a senior you know might need Meals on Wheels

  17. Wear Meals on Wheels Green on St. Patrick’s Day Pantone 382C

  18. Give a friendly honk when you see one of our vehicles on the road

  19. Share our Instagram post

  20. Bring flowers to Grace Place

  21. Package Breakfast Packs

  22. Support Meals on Wheels in The Big Give SA on March 28!

  23. Plate meals in our kitchen

  24. Adopt a senior by donating

  25. Take a volunteer-selfie, share it on social media and tag us (@mowsa and @mowsatx)! 

  26. Bring a friend to volunteer

  27. Cook Meals on Wheels’s Paella Recipe on Spanish Paella Day

  28. Add Delivering Thanksgiving Meals to your Calendar for 11/28/19

  29. Bring art supplies to Grace Place

  30. Get your friends together and write cards that say “hi” to our seniors 

  31. Become a monthly donor


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