Officials are preparing for freezing temps and possible ice on roads


By: Joe Galli

Preparations are already underway here in San Antonio for the upcoming winter storm. Roadways are being treated and nonprofits are making sure people will have enough food to make it through the cold.

News 4’s Joe Galli is here for you with what is being done right now across the city.

Warm as it is right now it’s hard to believe it’s going to get below freezing. But the cold weather and the rain is coming and the one place you’re sure to see preparation firsthand is on our highways.

From creatures as small as this butterfly to this group of dozens of people downtown bidding on foreclosed homes at the outdoor auction, it was a good time to take advantage of the warm weather.


“I was hoping that if we had colder weather there to be fewer people, but it warmed up pretty good," said Frank Eldridge.



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