Meals on Wheels San Antonio meal-delivery volunteers noticed that our clients were sharing their meals with their pets. AniMeals is a donation-sustained service which provides monthly deliveries of pet food to clients who find it hard to maintain the nutrition of their companion animals. These meals are delivered by animal-loving volunteers every third weekend of the month.
Thomas E. Carlucci is a Meals on Wheels participant who also receives pet food from our AniMeals Program for his two beautiful companions, Missy and Pooky. Mr. Carlucci found these cats as kittens on the streets of his neighborhood and decided to give them a loving home. Since then, he has raised and watched these cats grow up. If you ask him, he will tell you that they are his kids. AniMeals has helped Mr. Carlucci feed his cats because he is on a limited income and the food that AniMeals provides gives him extra money to spend on his own needs. He is very grateful for the program and its mission to keep senior citizens with their furry companions.
What is AniMeals?
After realizing that, like their owners, the pets of many Meals on Wheels of San Antonio recipients were in need of nutritious food, Christian Senior Services launched "AniMeals", the program to provide pet food to nourish the pets of seniors. 
How can I volunteer with AniMeals?
If you or your organization is interested in distributing pet food to local seniors, please call 210.735.5115 or email us today!
When are AniMeals delivered?
Pet food can be delivered on week days or weekends. We will work with you and your organization on creating a convenient schedule and delivery route.
Who qualifies for AniMeals?
Individuals who actively receive Meals on Wheels in Bexar County and have companion animals in their home can qualify to receive pet food through the AniMeals Program.
How do I request AniMeals?
If you would like to request AniMeals for your pet or an elderly neighbor, please call and request to speak with our Outreach department for AniMeals. 
How else can I contribute to AniMeals?
If you are not able to deliver pet food, we are always accepting donations. Any brand of wet or dry dog/cat food is appreciated. 
Email us or call 210.735.5115 for more information.