Grace Place Alzheimer's Centers

Who we are 

Grace Place Alzheimer’s Centers are San Antonio’s only non-profit Alzheimer’s-specific adult day activity centers. Our Centers provide socialization and activities for those living with Alzheimer’s disease or related dementia. These activities focus on the strengths and abilities of our clients, and are facilitated by staff who are trained in dementia care. For family members, caring for a person with dementia can be difficult and stressful. We recognize that job performance, personal well-being, and finances are often affected by becoming a caregiver. At Grace Place, our goal is to alleviate stress by providing affordable and safe respite care so our clients’ families can lead more balanced and healthy lives. 

Grace place Alzheimer's Center is now Open!


You can conveniently pay online using the button below. This link will take you to SwipeSimple, a secure website, to process your payment.

Please note: Refunds are only granted in exceptional circumstances, within 30 days of the payment date, and are returned using the original payment method.  Some circumstances in which a refund might be granted include:

  • The payment was made in error

  • The payment was not authorized by the client

To apply for Grace Place, a person must:    

  • Have Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.
  • Be continent.
  • Be able to move safely and independently. 
  • Be able to feed themselves.

Who does not qualify for Grace Place?

A person who poses a danger to themselves or others does not qualify for Grace Place. Examples include a person who:

  • Is physically violent.
  • Is verbally aggressive.
  • Lives alone. 
  • Needs medical care that exceeds our scope of work. 

There is no age requirement, as long as the person meets all other eligibility criteria.

The current hours of operation are 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM Monday through Friday.

The monthly rates to attend Grace Place are $1,300 for part-week (3 days per week) and $2,200 for a full week (5 days per week).

What forms of payment does Grace Place accept? 

Grace Place is a private pay facility. We accept the following as forms of payment for services:

  •  Credit card.
  •  Debit card.
  •  Check.
  •  Money order.
  •  Cashier’s check.

Yes. A deposit equal to one month of service is required. The deposit must be paid in full at the time of admission. 

You may request your preferred schedule (time of day) and which days of the week (minimum of 3 days) you would like your loved one to attend. Grace Place will attempt to accommodate your preferred schedule. However, all scheduling depends on availability within our licensed capacity.

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