You are the reason seniors and disabled neighbors are receiving more than a meal year round. We love all of our volunteers and couldn't do what we do without you! We'll be doing our best to showcase a volunteer every month! 

November 2022

For November, our volunteer of the month is Natasha Korri! Natasha has been delivering for AniMeals since December 2021! Dedicated volunteers like Natasha have made it possible to ensure that both the client and their furry companions are healthy and receiving proper nutrition from appropriate food sources.

Natasha volunteers because she wants to make sure our client's pets get their food too. Her favorite part is seeing the cats or dogs when they get to the home and the smiles on the owner's faces. Thank you, Natasha, for helping to deliver much more than a meal!


October 2022

For the month of October, our volunteer of the month is Richard Chadick! Richard has been delivering more than a meal since 2007! It's dedicated volunteers like Richard that have made it possible to provide nourishment, independence, and care to our older and disabled neighbors for almost 45 years!

Richard volunteers to honor the memory of his wife and mother who both passed in 2006. Thank you, Richard, for helping to deliver much more than a meal!

September 2022

The volunteer of the month for September is The Reddix Center, a public school within Northside Independent School District that focuses on transition skills for Young Adults with special needs! The Reddix Center has partnered with Meals on Wheels San Antonio for over ten years with their team of adult students and staff from the school focusing on meal delivery.

Their principal says, "We teach our Young Adults to volunteer so they have a connection to their community. Volunteering for some of our Young Adults gives them purpose and a place in their community. It not only teaches them how to give back to their community but also teaches the community that our Young Adult Students have the ABILITY to contribute and give back."

She continues, "Seeing homebound individuals interacting with our Adult Students and vice versa is the best part of volunteering, along with the realization from our Young Adults that they CAN give back to their community."

Thank you, Reddix Center, for helping to deliver more than a meal!


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December 2021 Volunteer of the Month Benga Adeeko


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November 2021 Volunteer of the Month Alex Solis


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A huge thank you to volunteers Allen Lu, Kent Ingram, and Will McBride! They went above and beyond to help serve up some fierce fashion in the Taylor'd for You Fashion Show on Saturday, July 24. This is just a sneak peek of the fun you'll get to see! 


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Here's a video of Dustin and Mr. Odell that makes us smile...


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Jim was so inspired by our mission and the community we serve that he felt he could make a difference. It's made the past 7 months as a meal delivery volunteer fly by! Thank you Jim

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