Meals on Wheels San Antonio operates the Comfy Casas program as part our mission to enable clients to safely age in place with dignity and independence. The program improves the health of clients by addressing living conditions, a critical social determinant of health. Client referrals come from intake assessment coordinators, volunteers and paid delivery drivers whose regular visits enable the identification of home safety needs. Homeowners must live in Bexar County. The program manager conducts an initial walk-through, discussing needed repairs with the client. Projects beyond the scope of the program are referred to other organizations. 

One of the easiest things we can do is make sure the temperature in our client's homes is seasonally appropriate. So that means making sure they stay cool in the summer and are warm in the winter. 

For the past few summers you've helped fix central AC units, and deliver fans and window AC units.  In fact last year you made a lot possible...

Imagine how many people you can help this summer!

Our ACs 4 SA service is part of Comfy Casas. Thanks to response you gave us for the call for assistance last summer, we are working to help keep those we serve comfortable in their homes all year long. 

If you are a client and need a fan, air conditioner, or heater, we want to make sure you remain comfy in your casa! Please call Meals on Wheels Special Programs Coordinator, Stephanie Gil at 210.735.5115 for more information. 

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Learn about the impact you had on the lives of seniors last sumer!