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As a Friendly Visitor volunteer, you help alleviate the loneliness and social isolation our homebound seniors and disabled neighbors face. With the effort of qualified and trained volunteers like you, we go beyond the social interactions that occur with regular meal deliveries. By providing these valuable connections and much-needed companionship, you extend the independence and health of your senior neighbors as they age. 


Join us to improve the physical, emotional and mental well-being of seniors in the greater San Antonio region! 

There are three ways to make an impact through this service: 


Volunteers visit a personally matched senior in the senior’s home. During their visits, volunteers and seniors can engage in a variety of positive, enriching, and beneficial social activities like playing board or card games, reading their favorite books, watching a good movie, or just having great conversations. 



Volunteers are matched with at least one senior to call weekly. Volunteers call their senior-friend once a week for a wellness check and to have a  friendly conversation. This opportunity is perfect for individuals wanting a remote or virtual volunteer experience. 



Volunteers correspond weekly with at least one senior. Correspondence can be a cheerful letter, heartfelt postcard, birthday card, or holiday card. Whether homemade or store bought, who doesn't love opening their mail and seeing a personalized message just for them?! This is a great way to get creative and brighten the day of an isolated and homebound senior friend!



Volunteers must comply with the following:

Are at least 18 years of age
Must pass a criminal and sex offender background check
Must complete an one hour training/orientation


To become a Friendly Visitor Volunteer:

apply here to become a friendly visitor volunteer

If you have any questions on supporting Friendly Visitors by donating or volunteering, please contact us by email, calling 210.735.5115, or using the Contact Form below:

friendly visitor is supported by COSA HS
Friendly Visitor is supported by the City of San Antonio, Department of Human Services.

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