At-Home Services


In the meantime, we have continued to:

  • Serve caregivers and their loved ones living with dementia in the comfort of the own homes via
    • Monthly online support group with our local Alzheimer’s Association.
    • Grace at Home activity packets mailed to caregivers with a therapeutic activity they can participate in with their loved one. 
  • Meet weekly for Grace Notes, our community singing group for those living with Alzheimer’s and dementia and their care givers- and are once again meeting in person!
  • Provide opportunities for those living with dementia to socialize while caregivers receive enhanced resources and support through partnerships with the Alzheimer’s Association, UT Health, and more through our Graceful Gatherings.
  • Created opportunities for families to connect in social settings with our Graceful Adventures outings to places like the Witte and Scobee Planetarium. 
  • Identify and develop more ways to serve the community.

If you have specific questions about anything related to Alzheimer's Services, please do not hesitate to reach out to Kate Phipps, by email or phone: 210-735-5115.

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