45 for 45

To celebrate 45 years, we highlight 45 individuals who are why Meals on Wheels San Antonio is here today. In their own unique way, many of these individuals have provided essential services, time, and support in fueling our mission to help us deliver more than a meal! No matter what, we wouldn't be here without them!

The fourth person we are highlighting in our 45 for 45 series is Rebecca Retana, Care Coordinator for Meals on Wheels San Antonio. Rebecca has been a Meals on Wheels team member since May 2020 and was recently named Staff Philanthropist of the Month for January 2023!

As Care Coordinator, Rebecca's primary focus is ensuring our clients receive the proper care and attention they deserve. This role includes assessments, wellness checks, and referring clients to other agencies to make sure clients are safe in their homes. Rebecca's passion for helping others shows through her work as she explains, "I enjoy the work I do, and I enjoy meeting with our seniors and helping our community!" 

Her passion is also why she chooses to donate back to Meals on Wheels San Antonio. Rebecca says, "the work we do means a lot to seniors, and I see firsthand how much it means to them. At times the Meals on Wheels staff and volunteers are the only people the seniors we serve get to interact with during the day, so it is nice knowing they have that support." We're lucky to have Rebecca as part of our team.
Thank you, Rebecca, for being so dedicated to Meals on Wheels and the community we serve.



Rebecca Retana

The third person we are highlighting in our 45 for 45 series is Esther Arguello, a longtime Meals on Wheels San Antonio client who recently celebrated her 102nd birthday!

Esther, a San Antonio native, was married to her husband for 73 years, and together, they raised six children. Esther has lived in her home for over 25 years and loves the neighborhood and her old trees. Her favorite activities include listening to music and playing dominoes with her family.

Esther enjoys the meals and company our delivery drivers and volunteers bring during each delivery because "they're very patient, and they take good care of me." Esther has arthritis, so the "meals come in very handy because they're already cooked." We are honored to be a part of Esther's day and lucky to have her be part of the Meals on Wheels San Antonio family.


The second person we’re highlighting in our 45 for 45 series is Oscar Lucio, Production Manager for Meals on Wheels San Antonio. Oscar has been a Meals on Wheels team member for over 20 years and will be celebrating 21 years in September! 

Oscar's leadership in the kitchen is crucial to the operations of a kitchen that produces over 7,000 meals per day! Oscar starts his day off at 4 a.m. to oversee the preparation and production of thousands of meals for our clients. Even with this monumental task, our kitchen team has been on a roll with consecutive 100s on their City of San Antonio Metropolitan Health District inspections. 

With all that goes into food production, Oscar finds time to spend with his wife Sherrie and children Zachary and Alexis, who are both in college. He also brightens our staff celebrations with homemade treats for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions! We're lucky to have Oscar as part of our staff. Thank you, Oscar, for being so dedicated to Meals on Wheels and the community we serve. You can read more about Oscar in this Express-News article here: https://www.mowsatx.org/meals-wheels-food-manager-takes-challenges