Meals on Wheels, Soldiers’ Angels feed Vets

Meals on Wheels San Antonio teams up with Soldiers' Angels to meet growing demand

By Reporter Stephanie Serna and Photojournalist Eddie Latigo

Meals on Wheels is extending its services to more seniors and veterans in San Antonio.
Kristin Rivera, communication engagement director of Meals on Wheels San Antonio, said since the pandemic began, there is more need for meals and deliveries.
Meals on Wheels and Soldiers Angels are now teaming up to meet the need.
“(The pandemic) presented a bigger challenge,” said Steven Zuniga, area manager of Soldiers’ Angels. “So we had to think outside the box to be able to assist them during this crisis.”
“We started delivering to isolated homebound veterans about a week ago,” Rivera said. “And it has been so much fun getting to meet these folks in our community, getting to further help the folks who have done so much for our country and for our city.”
Jesse Salazar, a U.S. Army veteran who has been fighting cancer for three years, said he appreciates the volunteers.
“It benefits me right now in this period of time,” Salazar said. “It’s like a little blessing.”
Rivera said Meals on Wheels has a lot of volunteers, but it can always use more help.
“We’ve been great, but gosh, we can always use more,” Rivera said. “Meals on Wheels is serving way more clients than we were initially.”
Meals on Wheels has been delivering meals to an additional 300 seniors since March, and volunteers say they’re glad they can help.
“I’ve been blessed to be protected by veterans for many many years. So I felt like I needed to give something back to the community,” said Joe Shoemaker, volunteer for Meals on Wheels and organizer for Soldiers’ Angels. “My father-in-law was also in the service, so I’m trying to honor him.”
If you’d like to volunteer or need assistance, you can contact Soldiers’ Angels online at or Meals on Wheels at or by calling 210-735-5115.

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