SAN ANTONIO---Two years ago Meteorologist Mike Hernandez highlighted how so many people in South Texas are enduring the summer heat without air conditioning.

Because of that, partnering with Meals on Wheels ACs4SA was born.
"I want to thank you all, Meals on Wheels, Channel 4 and Mike Hernandez for helping me, if it wasn't for you all I don't know what I would of done” explains Lucy Garcia.
Lucy, 77 years young was one of our first recipients of an air conditioner window units back in 2017 when we ran the story on how people were suffering through one of our South Texas summers. Tejano singer Jay Perez and his wife actually called and donated the ac unit.
"Sometimes I go to sleep on the couch, I don't dare go over there I stay here," say Lucy.
Jay Perez' donated AC went into the living room but her bedroom is still an oven! So we showed up with another ac window unit but after looking at her AC system, which hadn't worked in years, it looks like Lucy will be getting a new AC system instead!
"We have a great group of volunteers and staff drivers and they're the ones that see the clients and if they see that they need an AC or it's too hot in their house then they'll come to us," explains Jose Lerma, Special Initiative Coordinator for Meals on Wheels.
They are the eyes and ears and make this program work and they helped identify Calvin Jenkins.
I open the door, cut the fan on and sweat!" laments Calvin.
Companies also step up to help like FIXMYAC. They've helped since we started.
Shawn Goerndt, owner FIXMYAC explains, "I always knew when I started this company but I just didn't know how and God brought me to you guys."
Over 200 AC window units were given out last year and already over a 100 this year thanks to your donation.
If you'd like to help out with a donation, here's a couple of ways, you can call 210-735-5115 or donate on the website
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