Who is eligible to receive services from Meals on Wheels?
Older adults living in Bexar, Frio, and Atascosa Counties, who have difficulty leaving their homes, are unable to cook for themselves, and lack outside support. On a limited basis, disabled individuals under 60 may be eligible for meals if funding is available.
Who prepares the meals and will it meet my dietary needs?
Meals are prepared Monday – Friday beginning at 4:00 AM by our dedicated kitchen staff. Because we develop our menu well in advance, all food items are prepared in a commercial, high volume kitchen maintained by the Meals on Wheels program.
With a doctor’s written request, Meals on Wheels fills a variety of client’s special dietary needs including diabetic, renal, heart-healthy, pureed, and bland. All recipes are approved by a registered dietitian and prepared by an experienced culinary staff. To learn more about proper nutrition, visit our nutrition blog.
Who delivers the meals?
Each meal is delivered in a microwave-safe container by a trained staff driver or volunteer operating from a Volunteer Site.
What time is the meal delivered?
Meals are delivered Monday through Friday around the noon hour. On average, meals can be delivered within 1 hour and is typically delivered by volunteers during their lunch break. In some cases, breakfast meals or frozen meals are provided for the weekend.
How much does it cost to receive meals?
There is no charge for eligible clients provided adequate funding is available. However, donations are gratefully accepted, and if everyone gives then there might never be a wait-list.
How do I refer myself (or someone else) to receive services?
Doctors, community service agencies, relatives, friends or individuals can make a referral. 
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