Healthy Halloween Treats
As Halloween approaches sugary treats start to appear in grocery stores, on tv, and even at work! Let’s avoid that stomach ache and sugar rush this season by enjoying a healthy alternative. Listed below are two recipes to replace the typical candy corn and pizza. This candy corn fruit parfait is a great way to incorporate some vitamin C, beta carotene and digestive enzymes in your diet. While the English mummy pizza counts as a serving of grain and dairy. 
Candy Corn Fruit Parfait
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
1 large mandarin orange
1 can (15oz) pineapple in 100% juice (crushed or cut)
5.3oz plain Greek yogurt 
1 tsp vanilla extract (optional)
1. In a decorative glass, layer ½ cup of pineapple on the bottom
2. Layer all the mandarin slices
3. Mix the Greek yogurt and vanilla extract 
4. Layer the Greek yogurt on top of the mandarins
5. Enjoy! 


Mummy English Muffin Pizzas 
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes

1 package of English Muffin (100% Whole Wheat)
1 package of sliced mozzarella
1 small jar of green stuffed olives or black olives
1 small jar of pizza sauce or pesto


  1. Preheat the broiler on the stove to 525 degrees F & line a baking sheet (If you don’t have time just nook it in the microwave for about 30 seconds)
  2. Place a tablespoon of pizza sauce and smooth out evenly
  3. Slice the cheese into ribbons and place on the English muffins
  4. Cut an olive in half or use to whole ones as the eyes
  5. Heat for 3 – 5 minutes, until cheese looks melted and Enjoy!