SAN ANTONIO -- Meals on Wheels is about getting food to people who can't get it on their own.

Mary Jane Chisholm likes the way that sounds.

It's why for nearly seven years, she's volunteered to deliver those meals.

"Well, sometimes I know a lot of them are quite lonely," said Mary. "Their kids are grown and gone. Children could have moved away, who knows."

Mary brings more than food to the people she serves. She brings hope.

"Human contact," she said. "Somebody cares about me, somebody will be here every day."

Hope to people like Tom Carriello, who's been on Mary's delivery list for a while.

"It really helps when you're kind of a little busted up," said Carriello.

The reason is simple.

"I grew up with the attitude that we're not just here for ourselves, but to help other people too," said Mary.

And she knows the problem is bigger than we think.

"Even though we have a lot of mass communication, people have access to the internet, I think loneliness is even more pervasive," she said.

At the end of the day, she knows she made a difference. And when the time comes again, you can bet she'll be back.

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