Meals on Wheels volunteers continue to deliver meals amid coronavirus pandemic and staff members are making preparations for their clients. 
With the number of COVID-19 cases growing across the country, and with more people opting to stay home, Meals on Wheels is making preparations to continue helping those who need it the most.
"We are trying to prepare and make sure our clients are aware of what's happening. We're going to be working to get them extra food in case there's an interruption in our services,” said Ariana Barbour, marketing director of Meals on Wheels.
Barbour said, however, the goal is not to have an interruption in service, and that they plan to deliver meals to clients as long as they can.
“It’s a crucial lifeline that we offer to those that we serve,” Barbour said. “We want to make sure that they know we are still here for them."
On Monday, fear surrounding the coronavirus did not stop volunteers from showing up to Meals on Wheels to pick up meals for their clients.
“You have to make life go on as much as possible, within reason, of course,” said Annica Poyas, a volunteer. “I have an elderly mother who lives in Sweden, and I can't help her right now. She’s OK, but it's the American way, isn't it? Volunteering!”
Bacilia Guzman said she was very grateful but a little surprised when Meals on Wheels staff members showed up on her doorstep on Monday afternoon.
Guzman said she did not think they would still be making deliveries.
"My husband already had three strokes, and I have breast cancer,” said Guzman. “So it's hard for us to do anything. I just thank Meals on Wheels for doing this for us.”
Barbour said at some point, it might just be staff members making deliveries without volunteers, but they are preparing for everything.
If you need help, you are asked to contact Meals on Wheels at 210-735-5115..
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Reporter: Stephanie Serna
Photojournalist: Eddie Latigo