Each month our clients receive a nutrition education handout in addition to their meal. The goal of these handouts is to improve your nutrition knowledge and empower you to make the best dietary choices for yourself. It's important for everyone to have healthy eating habits and make sure they have the correct dietary facts about essential nutrients.

Click on the link for the months you are interested in learning more about. Handouts are provided in both English and Spanish.

July 2020: Food Safety and COVID-19 / julio 2020: Como alimentarse seguramenet durante Covid-19
June 2020: Heat Stroke Information / junio 2020: Información de golpe calor

May 2020: Water / mayo 2020: Agua
April 2020: Sodium / abril 2020: Sodio
March 2020: Fats / marzo 2020: Grasas
February 2020: Protein / febrero 2020: Proteína
January 2020: Carbohydrate / enero 2020: Carbohidratos

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