Saturday, March 14, 2020

By Danielle Moody

SAN ANTONIO- Meals on Wheels San Antonio is doing their best to get extra food supplies to their at-risk, elderly clients who have mobility challenges.   Starting March 14, clients will be given additional meals to keep in their homes in case of an interruption in delivery service.   Anyone working for the organization has been trained in frequent hand-washing, covering coughs and sneezes and cleaning areas frequently.   Those delivering food will practice social distancing during the meal drops and will only participate in them if healthy.   They plan on continuing to deliver meals to mostly elderly clients in high-...
Friday, March 13, 2020
BY VIRGINIA GEWIN   Seattle’s Pike Place Market is not just a fish-flinging tourist attraction: The market is also home to a senior center and food bank that serves breakfast and lunch to between 100 and 150 seniors a day. As the city contends with the coronavirus, however, participation at group meals has gone down about 20 percent in the last week, according to Pike Market Senior Center’s deputy director, Mason Lowe.   The World Health Organization (WHO) yesterday officially declared the coronavirus a global pandemic. In Washington, the number of cases in the surrounding King County hit 190 on Wednesday, and Governor Jay Inslee announced a...
Tuesday, March 10, 2020
Making sure our pets are taken care of is a top priority, and AniMeals is here to help.     AniMeals is a Meals on Wheels San Antonio pet food delivery that delivers pet food to elderly clients in need.   What is AniMeals? After realizing that, like their owners, the pets of many Meals on Wheels of San Antonio recipients were in need of nutritious food, we launched "AniMeals", the program to provide pet food to nourish the pets of seniors.    How can I volunteer with AniMeals? If you or your organization is interested in distributing pet food to local seniors, please call 210.735.5115 or email us today!   When are AniMeals delivered? Pet...
Wednesday, January 22, 2020

SAN ANTONIO -- Meals on Wheels is about getting food to people who can't get it on their own.

Mary Jane Chisholm likes the way that sounds.

It's why for nearly seven years, she's volunteered to deliver those meals.

"Well, sometimes I know a lot of them are quite lonely," said Mary. "Their kids are grown and gone. Children could have moved away, who knows."

Mary brings more than food to the people she serves. She brings hope.

"Human contact," she said. "Somebody cares about me, somebody will be here every day."

Hope to people like Tom Carriello, who's been on Mary's delivery list for a while.

Monday, December 30, 2019
Helping San Antonio animals is young woman’s road to independence By Vincent T. Davis, Express News Staff Writer -  Each stop was one more step toward personal independence.   Guided by the digital voice of his GPS, Marcus Villarreal drove his daughter, Monique, to a West Side neighborhood to deliver food for pets of Meals on Wheels clients who are homebound.   Monique’s teacher, Andrew Francis, followed her into the drizzling rain to unload several plastic bags from the car. The nonprofit’s AniMeals program began providing nutritious pet food to clients after volunteers noticed many recipients shared meals with their animals.   Dangling do-...